Jo Ann Moss » design enthusiast

Welcome to my personal site. I am a graphic/web designer currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee. I hold a BFA from Memphis College of Art. Since you're here I'll give you a quick introduction. If pickles were of great nutritional value, I'd be the healthiest person in the world. I enjoy photography, playing tennis, ultimate frisbee, fly fishing (or attempting to) consuming delectable wine, live music, surrounding myself with bodies of water and traveling anywhere I can within my time and means. I don't live close to any coast, but I am settling for the sandy shore of the Mississippi for now. On the average day, I am either chasing after my crazy dog, feeding my fat cat or shopping on the web where I then quickly hide my packages under my bed so that my husband doesn't see any evidence.

This portfolio includes both experimental work and commercial work. If you would like more information from me, you may contact me via email.